Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank you 2016!

2016 has been by far the best year since I moved to Austria in 2002. I arrived in Vienna with a morning flight, on the 5th of October 2002. I didn’t plan to stay here for the next decade and even longer, but I also knew that Bucharest was not offering me the future that I wanted. The following years were a constant struggle but I was prepared for that. Being a Business Management student at that time in Bucharest, coming from a middle class family with both parents being intellectuals, I had no problem nor didn’t feel any humiliation to take all the little steps / jobs from working in a tea & coffee shop, cleaning a lady’s apartment, bar-tending in a nightclub and a wine bar, sampling for a promoters company (offering perfume samples to passers-by in department stores), babysitting, modelling for students at the Applied Arts University... I didn’t have any help or support from anyone just, of course, a handful of friends, that were very kind and heartful.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Veşminte – Exhibition Video

My anniversary exhibition 12.10 – 21.10. 2016 was an unpredictable success; everyone involved in the project was absolutely wonderful (professional, valuable, focused), everything went smooth and delightful and our guests and casual visitors were absolutely lovely and supportive!

The Romanian Cultural Institute (the exhibition host and coordinator) organised evening events almost every day during my exhibition and I’ve been present at almost each of them. It was so relaxing and enriching...

I am delighted that I was offered the chance to produce a short video that captures some moments of the exhibition, so that we can keep the memories alive. I am thankful to Nils Neuer for his creativity in shooting and editing the video, his professionalism and patience and of course to all the partners and guests shown in the video: the Romanian Cultural Institute represented by vice director Mihaela Baston-Ciobanu, Dina Lee, Elham Pouladvand, Taro Ohmae, Erika Zormann, Charity Okuma, Sabrina Socaciu, Marina Istoc and little Leonardo.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Natural Bridal Beauty – English Rose Look

I was very happy and excited when Ellieline invited me to join her and video producer Nils Neuer to film the creation of a bridal look. As I was present that week at the gallery of my 10th anniversary exhibition I got the idea to make our project there! It was fun and delightful, it didn’t feel like work

I love how my silk flowers headpiece, top and skirt are complementing Sabrina's gorgeous hair & natural make-up.

Here is my first bridal beauty video:

Hair & make-up artist: Ellieline Make Up Artistry
Video: Nils Neuer
Model: Sabrina Socaciu
Location: Romanian Cultural Institute, Vienna

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Everlasting Muse

Alexandra is one of my muses, I've discovered her almost four years ago and from the first day we met in person, she continues to inspire and to fascinate me with her grace, French glamour and natural beauty.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Veşminte – Exhibition Opening

On the evening of the 12th of October, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of my label with the opening of a jubilee exhibition. It was such a marvelous evening; I will remember it for the rest of my life! Many people came to show their appreciation, some even had to make a big effort to be present. But for everybody that visited I feel thankful and grateful. We had guests from Vienna, outside of the city and even from abroad. I can’t put into words how much I love the result of Veşminte exhibition, the project is the work of a small but tenacious team: the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna (a handful of professionals), portrait photographer Dina Lee, arhitect and make-up artist Valentina Burigo and my in-house model Ines (on the invitation card we cooperated with Elham Pouladvand and Ellina Sedova).

My designs are placed in the most fitting surroundings, an elegant old building that is home to the Romanian Cultural Institute; and Dina Lee’s artistic photographs are perfectly complementing the selected pieces that exemplify my work starting with 2006.